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Attention Parents:

Please make note  of the following changes to our program effective immediately…


School-Age Program

For the 2021-2022 School Year, there will be the following changes to our school-aged program.  We will no longer be accepting any

children for before and after school care.  Due to the COVID-19 circumstances, we no longer will accept children who will be attending

brick and mortar institutions within the Capital District area. This also means that school aged children will not be allowed for breaks within our facilities, this is to include but not limited to; holidays, spring break, summer vacation, winter break, etc. from school.  


Please be aware that if your child is a sibling of a child who is attending a brick and mortar institution within the Capital District area, and there is a COVID-19 outbreak, your child MUST be removed from our facilities and made to quarantine with your school-aged child.  They cannot return until a negative COVID-19 test has been rendered, and a 14-day quarantine has been served. This is for the protection of the other children within our care, our staff, and a New York State and CDC regulatory mandate.


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