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Multicultural Curriculum

Our Multicultural Curriculum is one in which that was created from a need in our community to be accepting of all races, cultures, and religions.  This acceptance is evident in the books that are read, the activities that are part of the weekly curriculum, and the lessons that are taught.  Here at DIGI Multiculturalism is important because the world is changing every day.  We teach our students and staff that we all must learn to accept and get along with all cultures, races, and religions in order to become productive citizens of the world.  It is the job of our teachers to prepare our students for the real world, and the real world is a multicultural one.  We take this responsibility seriously and seize the opportunity to teach our students love, and acceptance.  


For example, we provide each classroom with a host of multicultural books, display posters or artwork on the walls.  We include in the curriculum a discussion of differences and similarities in cultures.  Our art lesson plans provide students with multicultural paint, paper, and crayons.  It is also an effort each school year to connect our students with international pen pals, this allows the class to communicate with a class in a different country via Skype. The following Heritage Celebrations are part of our Multicultural Curriculum

Month                                           Heritage Celebrated

February                                                         African American History

March                                                              National Women's History 

May                                                                  Asian Pacific American History

                                                                          Older Americans

                                                                          Jewish American Heritage

June                                                                Gay Lesbian Pride Month

September                                                     National Hispanic-Latino Heritage

October                                                          National Disability Employment Awareness

                                                                          National Italian American Heritage

November                                                      National American Indian Heritage

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