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Indoor Curriculum

Our indoor curriculum is organized around learning centers in a hands-on child-directed environment.  We have 10 permanent centers, including art, snack, practical life, language, writing easel, math, manipulatives, blocks, books, quiet space, and a science room.  

Our primary focus is to make sure the learning centers (both permanent and rotating) are fun and interesting.  This is made simple by assigning each teaches specific areas that they are responsible for throughout the school year.  Our teachers rotate educational materials and activities on a monthly basis, utilizing DIGI's inventory of materials, and creates new materials for the learning centers.  


The basic framework of the learning centers is expanding the curriculum to offer many additional learning opportunities.  An example is how our art area consistently provides a variety of art projects weekly.  We make available to students a collage of items, to include, paint, pencils, crayons, markers, glue, assorted paper, play dough, stamps, and various seasonal and theme curriculum oriented materials.  As a result of the wealth of resources, the children are capable of creating their own open-ended, individualized art projects.  The creative openness in our art area supports the school's philosophy of process, not project when introducing young children to art.  


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