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Science-Based  Curriculum


Children are natural scientists, our science curriculum offers a variety of activities and experiences that are developmentally appropriate.  Our teachers utilize the child's early learning experiences then expand out to wider ideas.  At DIGI we relate to subject matter to the child's daily experiences to explain more complicated theories.  For example, during our lesson on meteorites, we explain that meteorites get hot when entering the earth's atmosphere, and burn up before they fall to earth and/or glow on their way down.  Explaining this complex process is made simple to preschoolers by relating simple friction.  Each child rubs their hands together until they get warmer and warmer.  After which our classroom discussion can lead to the concept of friction with air heating up meteorites until they glow.   


In addition, our students are taught science with our great collection of manipulative's, and dramatic play.  These learning experiences have produced an increase in student writing skills, letter recognition, and reading skills.  Our science curriculum has continued to develop into a developmentally appropriate, hands-on addition to the learning centers and DIGI's other curriculum.  Our children learn about science and the world around them, as they choose what interests them from every theme.  The children can choose play dough, art, blocks, dramatic play, etc.  All of this is included in our Science-Based Curriculum so that children don't feel forced to learn traditional science but are stimulated intellectually from our ongoing themes and they are free to choose the activities that excite them.  


In addition, the themed curriculum provides our children with opportunities to grow socially and emotionally.  Shared common interest has also been proven to create new friendships as children discover that there are others that enjoy the same interest.  Our students come to school excited to learn and they enjoy sharing their new knowledge with their parents and friends.  The annual Science Fair at DIGI is exciting for students, they are able to display their science experience and knowledge with families and the community and staff is proud to show our pride in our students.  


DIGI's Science-based curriculum consists of Plants, Animals, Space, and our Solar System, Ocean, Ocean Animals,  Tropical Rainforest's, Dinosaurs, and Bugs & Insects.



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