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Parent Involvement

Research shows that children are more likely to succeed academically and are less likely to engage in violent behavior if their families are involved in their education.


Here at DIGI, we want to create a climate and structure that supports family involvement.  We are committed to making sure that Parents are involved in the children's education by:


  1. The first contact with parents is a positive one

  2. Communicate with parents straightforwardly

  3. Clear concise readable information about their children school and classroom

  4. Asking for parents to share concerns and opinions and address any concerns

  5. Accommodate parents' work schedules

  6. Accommodate language and cultural differences


Currently, we have as part of our board, volunteer parents that make school decisions that affect children and families.  There is also a classroom volunteer program in place to encourage parent involvement.  The school's parent resource center provides families with materials on issues of concern, such as child development, health and safety, and special education.  


We make every effort to reach out to the community leaders for resources to strengthen the school.  We take pride in the success of creating a school climate and structure that help to support a family's involvement.  Providing our families with mastery skills for each subject taught, our Parent Involvement Program has aided in the goals of each parent and student. 


We maintain regular communication by sending home weekly folders of student work, monthly calendars of special events celebrated or taught and a regular class newsletter.  There is also a compiled wish-list we invite parents to be a part of that includes both goods, crafts, carpet squares, software, and services.  Parents are also encouraged to volunteer as office staff, chaperoning field trips, and coordinating special events.



Interested parents can utilize the following resources to help us all be successful in the children's education.  

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        How to Make Paren-Teacher Conferences Work for Your Child

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        Parent Involvement = Student Success

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